Xbox One now supports Google Assistant through smart speaker, display

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When you’re very much immersed in the game you’re playing on your console, you sometimes need to do something else but you can’t stop. You probably wish someone else can help you with multi-tasking or something. Now Xbox users that are connected to a smart speaker or smart display will now have support for Google Assistant so it can be your “teammate” and help you get things done. Those who are in the beta program will now be able to control their gaming experience through voice commands.

There are several ways that Google Assistant can be helpful for you as you play your games on your Xbox One. You can ask it to launch a game and your console will start powering up and then load the game until it’s ready for you to start playing. You can also use voice commands to search for a particular game, saving you the effort of using the on-screen keyboard which can sometimes be more of a hassle than a convenience.

When you’re deep into your game but you want to be able to memorialize a certain moment by taking a screenshot or record a video of your gameplay. Now you just have to say “Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox” and you will not lose your momentum. And in case you want to open other media apps when you’re taking a break from playing a game. You can say “Hey Google, open Spotify on Xbox” or other apps like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc that are supported on Xbox.

However, the Google Assistant support is only available in beta for now and only in English. You will be able to access it through any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or smart display or actually any Android mobile device. They are looking at expanding it to more languages when it gets to the stable version.

You can check out if the Google Assistant powers are helpful on your Xbox One. For a full list of commands, you can check out the Xbox Insider subreddit.

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