Xbox One April update rolls out ‘Surprise me!’ button to everyone

Today, Microsoft released the April 2020 update for Xbox One. While last month’s patch revamped the interact, this one brings many other improvements like the “Surprise me!” function and Mixer improvements. You can read about the changes below. The changes were revealed on the Xbox Support website.


Now you can see emotes and subscriber badges in chat, while your Ember messages also get the flare they deserve, with special styling to help them stand out. We’ve also made it easier to access stream settings with just one press of the Menu button on your controller.

Surprise me!

We’ve added a new “Surprise me!” button to your games. When you’re not sure what to play next, “Surprise me!” suggests a random game in your library that matches your filter criteria. The button is located in the upper-right corner of My games & apps and can also be found by pressing the Menu button on your controller when highlighting the title of a group.

What are you most excited about? I frequently can’t decide what to play so the random game picker is pretty nifty.

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