Xbox Insiders may be able to try out Obsidian’s Grounded soon

Grounded is a passion project from Obsidian Entertainment now that it’s been acquired by Microsoft, created by a team of just 13 within the studio. Grounded was unveiled during X019 where we got our first glimpse of what the new IP is supposed to be. It looks to blend survival co-op with narrative-driven gameplay and tasks players with surviving the hazards of a yard where they are about the size of an ant.

According to a post from Obsidian, Xbox Insiders may get to try out the game very soon. The post explains that Grounded is making an appearance at PAX East with a panel hosted by Larry Hryb where more details and new game footage will be shared. It won’t be playable at that time, but it looks like it soon will be.

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Tucked in at the bottom of the announcement, Obsidian appears to hint that Xbox Insiders may be able to get their hands on the game soon.

For now we’ll let you know that if you want to get an early peek at the world the team here at Obsidian is making with Grounded then you should absolutely look into the Xbox Insider program very soon. Just sayin’.

Grounded is set to launch on Xbox One and PC in 2020 where it will release into Xbox Game Pass. It’s unknown whether it will have Xbox Series X support, but given Obsidian’s status as a first party studio now, it’s very likely.

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