Xbox FPS Boost scores over 70 new games on Xbox Series X, Series S

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Xbox Series X Hero ThinSource: Matt Brown | Windows Central

Microsoft has announced a new lineup of titles with FPS Boost support on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, boosting dozens of older Xbox One titles to higher framerates. The feature, previously debuted back in March, tweaks the performance of existing games with no developer input or code changes, increasing the target frames-per-second (FPS) when run on the latest generation consoles. The company has announced an expansion of the feature, introducing an additional 74 games, including major franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Deus Ex, and Tomb Raider.

The latest FPS Boost expansion brings the largest number of new games to date, increasing the list of Xbox FPS Boost games to 97, on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That sees many titles formerly targeting 30 FPS achieve 60 FPS on the console, whereas others double to a 120 FPS output on the console.

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The newcomers include former Xbox One games, onboarding top publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Deep Silver, and Square Enix. It comes after previous expansions brought new titles from Electronic Arts and Bethesda, rapidly expanding the list of 120 FPS games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

FPS Boost comes automatically enabled with many supported titles, automatically bolstering performance over previous generation hardware. The feature can also be disabled on a per-title basis, in case of issues that arise with this technical trickery. The lineup of new FPS Boost titles follows, coupled with their new target framerates on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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