Xbox Family Settings app for Android ready to download

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In an effort to help parents manage their households in this time of COVID-19, Microsoft’s Xbox team has introduced a new app. The Xbox Family Settings App which is still in preview mode on the Google Play Store can assist adults who want to manage their children’s gaming habits. It offers tools that will help the whole family to balance their household including their needs and even gaming. The app helps enhance a device’s safety, as well as, manage the time and usage of the children.

As with similar apps, this one lets parents set limits on screen time, manage who their kids communicate or play with, and set filters for content. Parents can decide on what content the children can consume on their Xbox. This app is very helpful as it allows parents to manage children’s gaming on Xbox right on a smartphone. Feel free to create your kid’s profile for Xbox on the app. Customize settings for every member of the family.

The goal is to protect your children from content that may be inappropriate. It lets you set limits for screen time for each day, set content filters based on child’s age, block access to other plays, limit communication to friends only, and view activity reports that may help you understand habits of each child.

This also lets adults respond to notifications. It also lets you enable access and allow multiplayer capability for some games like Minecraft. Some parents may want to allow their younger kids to play the game meant for older kids.

The Xbox Family Settings app (Preview) can now be download on Android from the Google Play Store. It’s still in preview mode so don’t be surprised if you encounter some bugs and issues.

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