Xbox beta app redesign brings loads of features gamers would love

Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax Media, the Bethesda game studio owner, and the good news doesn’t end there. As a part of the New Xbox Experience, Microsoft is also rolling out the revamped Xbox app in beta for Android phones. The existing app wasn’t something much to talk about with a very slow UI and having a general feeling of being unreliable. Now it has been rebuild from ground-up – bringing out fresh design, loads of new features, and speed improvements.

The timing is perfect as Microsoft has already announced the Xbox Series S and Series X gaming consoles. Also, with the xCloud having more than 150 titles for the users to explore, the new app makes even more sense. The update will significantly improve the mobile Xbox features for a seamless cross-platform experience.

This update brings the unified notification inbox with alerts such as game updates or friends. This means managing all Xbox related notifications on the go. The Xbox Party and Chat feature has also been improved for a smooth chat experience with friends – no matter which device they are using. Along with this, one can also share game screenshots or clips in a jiffy. The app now has multiple social media platform support for easy sharing.

One cool feature that gamers are going to love is the remote console set-up. Players can remotely set-up their new console by installing the games remotely or even toggling the settings. The universal search feature with the app comes in handy for looking up any new games, favorite gamers or more – all in one unified interface.

Another noticeable feature is the inclusion of Xbox remote play to the new app which enables game streaming right from their consoles to the phone! Microsoft has been smart enough to bring multiple device sign-in to the Xbox Live Account which means you can play games on one device and watch content on the other. None the less, Xbox fans will be delighted with this new app and days ahead are looking exciting for them.

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