Xbox Adaptive Controller works with power wheelchairs with ‘Freedom Wing’

You can take a look at an excerpt from the article below. It’s a big deal that the parts only cost between $30 to $35.

Thanks to a new device, users of power wheelchairs can connect the mobility devices they use every day directly to a modern gaming console for the first time. The device is called the Freedom Wing, and is compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Plans for the Freedom Wing will be made available free online, and early versions are already shipping out to those who need them. The Freedom Wing is a joint effort by AbleGamers, a charity dedicated to supporting people with disabilities, and A.T. Makers. Founded by Bill Binko, A.T. Makers brings together those who work in the field of assistive technology with modern-day tinkerers and high school technology programs, including robotics teams… The total cost of supplies to make one is between $30 and $35.

The video tells you even more.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this device, please let them know.

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