X019 will focus on ‘games, games, games’ says Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg

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In a few weeks, X019 takes place in London. The event is Microsoft’s celebration of gaming and will be filled with a lot of new reveals. In the past, the Inside Xbox show that has accompanied the event has been focused on smaller announcements, and not that many games. Well, it seems like the company took the hint this time around.

Recently, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg was asked what was going to be the focus of the show. He replied, “games, games, games, games, games.” This is definitely great news, and hopefully, new Microsoft exclusives will be announced at the event. However, only time will tell.

We’re expecting more details about Project xCloud and Project Scarlett to be revealed then. However, only time will tell. What are you hoping for from the event? Let us know.

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