Wyze now has one-tap emergency services access on app

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Having a smart security system at home has become easier the past few years since there are now more affordable and convenient brands to choose from. While you never want to be in an emergency situation, it would also be great if these systems can make it so much easier for you to reach emergency services without having to just dial 911. Wyze is one brand that has been around for a couple of years and now finally they’re bringing a one-tap emergency access through its smart home app.

This new feature is actually a partnership between Wyze and Noonlight, a security app that can be used to trigger emergency services. It may be more known for its previous name of SafeTrek. Other apps like Tinder use their one button system and now, you will be able to use this button as well on your Wyze smart home app for those times when you won’t be able to dial 911 but would need the service of emergency personnel.

For example, you get an alert from one of your home security devices and you determined you need to get in touch with emergency services. Since you’re on the app already, you just need to tap on the button that will trigger a response from the Noonlight platform. The system will then contact the first responders or safety agencies and then send them to your home. You don’t need to open your phone app and dial 911 and talk to an operator.

Several other apps now have trigger buttons, particularly social ones like the aforementioned Tinder (in case you get on a really dangerous date) and ride-hailing apps like Uber (if placed in a situation that endangers your life and well-being). Sometimes dialing 911 will alert the other party that you’re talking to someone and will place your life in more danger. So having an emergency button like this would be really helpful.

If you have Wyze smart home security products, you probably have the app as well. Update it to the latest versions to get the emergency button. Hopefully, they’ve also placed measures to avoid false taps of the button.


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