Wrap your Surface Duo with ease by following dbrand’s latest video

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Microsoft’s Surface Duo launches today, and you can protect its body using a skin from dbrand. The Surface Duo skins from dbrand are currently available for preorder, though they should start shipping soon. To help people apply their dbrand skins to the Surface Duo, the company shared a how-to video.

Even though the Surface Duo has two areas to skin, the application process is pretty much the same as with any other device. The video highlights that skins from dbrand come with two back elements, one for use with a bumper case and one for use without a bumper case. The skin that works with the bumper case is shorter, so it doesn’t interfere with the case attaching to the device.

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The Surface Duo is an incredibly thin device, especially when looking at its two halves opened up, so people may not want to add bulk to it. Skins from dbrand offer some protection without adding bulk. They also let you personalize the look of the device.

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