Would you buy a ‘Surface Laptop Pro’ if Microsoft made it? (Poll)

The Surface Book 3 is the most powerful Surface in Microsoft’s lineup. But, for some, that power isn’t enough. Despite a stated 50 percent boost to performance with new chips from Intel and NVIDIA, the fact that the Surface Book 3 “only” uses quad-core CPUs was a disappointment to some.

The thing is, Surface Book 3 is never going to push hardware limits like some wish it would. Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino tackled the issue in a recent post, explaining why Surface Book will never be the monster some want it to be. To keep things brief, it comes down to engineering hurdles and what the Surface Book is designed for.

Turns out it’s hard putting most of the guts of a PC in the display. Doing that and designing for the thermals of something like a gaming PC is nigh impossible (at least right now).

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What would be more practical, and what Rubino posits in his piece, is something like a “Surface Laptop Pro.” Think of the Razer Blade 15 or Dell XPS 15, but in Surface clothing. Something designed from the ground up to use the most powerful mobile components possible: A 45-watt CPU and the latest discrete graphics chips with ample cooling.

Such a laptop could take the form of the Surface Laptop 3, but maybe with thicker chassis to accommadate the more robust cooling setup.

There’s no indication Microsoft is even exploring such a device. However, if a “Surface Laptop Pro” were to arrive one day, would you buy one? Let us know in the poll below.

Be sure to chime in in the comments as well. What other changes would you want to see? How much would you be willing to pay (remember: Surface devices already fetch a pretty good premium).

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