World’s fastest PC RAM is made using Samsung’s DDR5 memory chips

The PC market will soon get access to next-generation DRAM technology. With AMD‘s next-generation Ryzen CPUs and Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake chips, PC users can finally start using DDR5 RAM. While those chips aren’t ready yet, memory brands have already begun to announce their DDR5 RAM modules, and one of those brands is G.Skill.

G.Skill has unveiled its first DDR5 memory kits for PCs, and the company is calling it the world’s fastest. The G.Skill Trident Z5 comes in RGB (Z5 RGB) and non-RGB (Z5) versions, and both variants use Samsung’s DDR5 memory chips. The new modules are available in 5600MHz, 6000MHz, and 6400MHz versions. All the variants are available in 32GB (16GB x 2) capacity and latency of CL 36-36-36-76 or CL 40-40-40-76. These modules have a completely new design compared to G.Skill’s previous models.

Samsung had first unveiled DDR5 memory chips for servers last year. Three months ago, it made history by making a single 768GB DDR5 RAM stick using 32 DRAM chips of 24Gb capacity each. It was revealed last quarter that DDR5 chips would command a 30% premium over the price of DDR4 chips.

Earlier this month, the world’s biggest memory chip manufacturer, started producing DDR5 memory chips using 14nm EUV technology for faster performance and higher power efficiency.

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