“World facing” 3D camera coming to at least one of this year’s iPhones

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The rumor about Apple including a 3D ToF sensor on the back of its 2020 devices has been thrown around in the last couple of months and according to inside sources of the Fast Company, it is definitely coming to at least one of the upcoming Pro models.
A ''world facing'' 3D camera tech coming to at least one of this year's iPhone
It’s believed that the budget iPhone 12 won’t be getting the 3D sensors on the back and stay with dual camera setup. The 12 Pro will then get a triple camera like its predecessor, while the 12 Pro Max will sport the new “world facing” 3D camera for immersive AR experience.

The current supplier for the Face ID sensors on the front is called Lumentum and will most likely be the supplier for the rear-facing 3D tech as well.

However, keep in mind that Apple may decide not to include the tech in this year’s iPhones due to the coronavirus outbreak-induced shortages in the supply chain. In fact, some say that Apple could face problems keeping its usual release schedule because of the outbreak.


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