Wireless DeX is coming with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and that’s just great

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Samsung has stuck with DeX even though some still don’t see the merit in the desktop extension of its mobile platform. DeX was launched in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 and back then, you could only use it through a DeX station. You’d dock your phone on the accessory that was hooked up to an external display and also had USB ports for a mouse and keyboard.The following year, Samsung eliminated the need for a separate accessory. The Galaxy Note 9 could power DeX on an external monitor through nothing more than a USB-C to HDMI dongle. That was certainly a big step forward in making it easier to use DeX. Nothing could match the convenience of a truly wireless DeX experience, though, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will finally show us what we’ve been missing for all this time.Wireless DeX is going to be more convenientThe massive Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak today that revealed almost everything about the device also let it slip that Wireless DeX will be onboard. There’s no reason to believe that this feature would only be limited to the Ultra model so those who opt for the Galaxy Note 20 can expect to have it as well.It’s not like this comes completely out of the blue. There were hints about Samsung working to make DeX wireless since 2018 and that’s the sense we also got in our conversation with the product manager for DeX last year. A recent update to a Samsung app also let slip the possibility.It obviously makes sense for Samsung to introduce Wireless DeX with the Galaxy Note 20. The Galaxy Note series is meant for power users who want to get stuff done on the go. They will no longer need to even carry a dongle now. We’ll find out recisely how Wireless DeX will work and what pre-requisites may be required for monitor support in due course.As much of the world continues to work remotely, Samsung can certainly highlight it as a crucial benefit that only the Galaxy Note 20 can provide. This also bodes well for future Samsung flagships as they surely will get the same functionality. Whether or not this entices users who previously avoided DeX to start using it is something that remains to be seen.

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