Windows Terminal now supports mouse input in WSL

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Microsoft just shipped out an update to Windows Terminal. The update brings Windows Terminal to v.0.10 and brings a couple of handy features. First, Windows Terminal now supports mouse input within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Second, the update now lets you duplicate a pane. In addition to the new features, the update includes several bug fixes. Microsoft breaks down the changes in a new post.

Mouse input within WSL means that tmux and Midnight Commander will recognize when you click on items within a window. You can hold down shift and click to make a selection when an application is in mouse mode, as opposed to sending VT input.

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Duplicate pane functionality means that you can create a pane with a duplicate profile to the pane you’re already using.

The update also has some handy bug fixes, including several quality of life improvements. Text now reflows better when it’s resized. Additionally, borders in dark mode aren’t white anymore. Another fix makes touchpad and touchscreen scrolling move at a normal speed.

You can grab Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store or through GitHub.

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