Windows 11 SE wallpaper is available to download now

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Were the hard and soft blues of Windows 11‘s default wallpapers too much for you to stomach? Did the Dr. Manhattan-esque folds send waves of depressive thoughts through your mind, or strike you with a visceral intensity that you just couldn’t jive with? Well, Windows 11 SE‘s default wallpaper is here to remedy all your troubles with its rainbow-sherbet-inspired palette of fun, mild-mannered colors.

Seriously, look at those colors. If that pastel flower doesn’t get your blood pressure down and psych you up to learn, nothing will. You can download a few different variants of the W11 SE wallpaper over on WallpaperHub, which we rated as one of the best apps to customize the look of Windows 11 with.

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If pastel power isn’t doing it for you, sit tight. It’s only a matter of time before Microsoft releases something that will appeal to you, such as when it released those excellent Clippy wallpapers for mobile.

And in the event you want to know more about Windows 11 SE, you can check out our coverage on the education-focused operating system edition as well as the $249 Surface Laptop SE Microsoft’s releasing to carve itself a place in classrooms. And it’s not the only one embracing the new edition of Windows 11; Dynabook’s E10-S laptop is geared toward W11 SE as well.

Maybe you don’t care about education at all, though, and just want some pretty colors. In which case, check out that WallpaperHub hyperlink up above and go get your digital rainbow sherbet flower.

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