Windows 11 inches closer to 20% market share in latest Steam survey

Every month, without fail, Steam releases stats on its users’ hardware and software selections. March 2022’s results don’t hold many surprises, especially with regards to Windows 11.

The latest operating system from Microsoft continues to claim the souls of more PCs, now having inserted itself into 16.84% of Steam’s population (a 1.25% change from the month before). Windows 10 64-bit remains dominant with 74.69% market share, but the fact remains that Windows 11 keeps gaining ground month after month, albeit at a slow but steady clip.

Another Windows product that achieved a little traction in March was Windows Mixed Reality. The headsets shot up to 4.86% market share, representing a 0.17% gain over the month prior. Meanwhile, the Oculus Quest 2 remains high and mighty with 47.35% of Steam users under its control.

In other stats, NVIDIA continues to dominate the GPU game with 77.13% market share, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given how many of the best graphics cards are made by the company. And in the CPU sector, Intel has resecured a nice 69%, leaving AMD in charge of just a little over 30% of Steam’s userbase’s processing power.

As always, any month could throw a curveball and radically alter the current figures, so stay frosty for when April 2022’s results roll around. Maybe there will even be a month when Windows Mixed Reality inches above 5%.

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