Windows 11 has a Chat app powered by Microsoft Teams. Do you use it?

Windows 11 started rolling out on October 5, 2021. The operating system brings a new Start menu, a refreshed interface, and several new features and improvements. It also includes a Chat app powered by Microsoft Teams. This is the default communication app on Windows 11, and it can sit comfortably in the Taskbar. Now that PC owners have had a chance to try it out, we’d like to know if they use the Chat app on Windows 11.

In our Windows 11 demo video, our senior editor overviews the Chat app. It’s a simplified Teams experience for the consumer version of the service. It can send messages, make calls, and be used for meetings. It’s a separate version of Teams that’s lightweight and aimed at quick communication.

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There’s a chance that people weren’t familiar with the consumer version of Teams before the release of Windows 11. By having the Chat app appear on the Windows 11 Taskbar, Microsoft introduced the app to many potential users. The question is if that translated to people using the app.

Before the launch of Windows 11, we asked our readers if they would use the Chat app on Windows 11. 33.48% of voters said that they would try it out, and an additional 16.33% said they’d use it as their main chat app. Another 14.66 said they’d use the Chat app occasionally. Just over 28% of voters said that they wouldn’t use the Chat app at all. Now that Windows 11 has been out for almost a month, it will be interesting to see if similar numbers appear in our new poll.

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