Windows 11 build 22458 rolls out to Insiders in the Dev Channel

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Windows 11 Start Laptop RazerbookSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft just rolled out Windows 11 build 22458 to Insiders in the Dev Channel. The build includes just one change, a new option within the power menu of the Start menu. In the latest build, people will see a link to the sign-in options within the power menu of Start.

“We added a link to the sign-in options under the power menu on Start,” reads the build’s changelog.

Sign In Options Start Power

Source: Microsoft
Windows 11 build 22458 also includes several bug fixes:


  • Fixed an underlying issue that was impacting Start reliability.


  • Folders with # in folder name can now be added to indexing.


  • Addressed an issue that was causing Settings to crash sometimes when trying to open the Display page.
  • Clicking “More about refresh rate” in Advanced Display Settings now opens the support page it’s supposed to.
  • Fixed an issue where the Location page in Settings wasn’t showing warning text explaining why the location services setting was greyed out if it was greyed out.
  • Changes made to preferences under Manage App Execution Alias in Settings should now be preserved.
  • Fixed a couple typos in the output of dll (Issue #206).


  • Mitigated an issue that could make certain games unexpectedly crash when using ALT + Enter (i.e., switch between full screen and windowed) during with Auto HDR enabled.


  • Addressed an issue that was causing text truncation in the Encrypting File System window in certain cases.
  • Fixed a rare scenario that could result in an uninstalled in-box app unexpectedly reappearing after reboot.
  • Appx commandlets should now work with PowerShell 7.0+ (Issue #13138).

Alongside the latest build of Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing a refreshed Tips app. The app includes over 100 tips to help people know how to use Windows 11.

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