Will you use a bumper case with the Surface Duo?

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Surface Duo 2020Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is a remarkably thin device that can flip around 360 degrees. Microsoft designed a bumper case for the Surface Duo that doesn’t add much bulk, and that allows the device to freely flip around, but do you want to use it? We want to know if you’re #TeamBumper or want a #NakedDuo.

The Surface Duo bumper case is one of the best Surface Duo accessories, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Some people prefer the naked smoothness of a mobile device without a case or skin. Others want that added protection provided by a bumper case.

Let us know which camp you fall into in the poll above and in the comments below. We’ve included a gallery with some shots of the Surface Duo with and without its bumper case to help you decide.

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