Will Xbox Series X support Steam?

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Best answer: Almost certainly not. Despite multiple “rumors” inferring that it may happen, there’s no evidence to support Microsoft allowing a second storefront onto the next Xbox console.

Will Xbox Series X support Steam?

Multiple websites have reported a rumor stating that the Xbox Series X will support Steam. To be blunt, there’s absolutely no evidence for this. Why would Xbox have two different storefronts on its system, one of which they won’t be making practically any money from? These are separate ecosystems and there’s practically no incentive for Microsoft or Valve to combine them. While Xbox does now support mouse and keyboard, it’s only for select games that enable this feature.

Aren’t Xbox Game Studios titles coming to Steam now?

Yes, starting with Gears 5, all Xbox Game Studios titles arrive on Steam in addition to the Windows Store. With that said, this isn’t any kind of sign that Steam will be coming to Xbox. The entire purpose behind Xbox Game Studios publishing its games on Steam is to reach a broader audience, a different audience than the one that is primarily buying Xbox consoles. Xbox wants the people playing on Xbox consoles to purchase games through the Xbox Store and there’s no real reason to see that change with a new generation.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate does give players access to Game Pass for console and Game Pass for PC, so that’s the only real crossover point. Even there, Xbox Game Pass for PC requires Windows 10 and a separate client, as Game Pass does not grant access to Xbox Game Studios titles on Steam.

Our pick

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in one

Xbox Game Pass gives you access to over a hundred games for one monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also adds Xbox Live Gold to the package so you can play online with your friends.

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