Why pay for Microsoft’s exorbitantly priced subscription for Windows 10 when you can get a threefold cheaper upgrade for Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a touchy subject for avid Windows users, perhaps because of Microsoft’s stringent minimum system requirements for the operating system coupled with its flawed design, particularly the Start menu.

The highlighted issues aside, you can buy Windows 11 Pro at $19.99 at Woot for a limited period. It’s a great steal, knocking 90% off the license key’s original price of $199.99. Alternatively, you can get Windows 11 Home at $17.99 — an 87% discount on the original price of $139.99.

It’s probably time to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows Update page in Settings app Windows 11

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Aside from the fantastic discount on both Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Home, there are several other reasons you should consider upgrading to Windows 11 now, including Microsoft’s imminent end support for Windows 10 in October 2025

The unpopular decision (at least for most users) prompted a petition asking Microsoft to extend support for the operating system beyond 2025, citing the derailment of its sustainability goals and more. Microsoft listened to these pleas, recently announcing the subscription pricing for using Windows 10 beyond 2025, but at an exorbitant price of $61 per device, which is expected to double every year for three years. This decision seems like a pricey gamble to keep using an ‘out-of-date’ operating system.

Perhaps Microsoft is raising the subscription price to encourage more customers to upgrade to Windows 11. As you may already know, Windows 11’s market share continues to struggle compared to Windows 10, which enjoys more than double its market share, according to StatCounter. This result is despite Microsoft’s big push and focus on AI and Copilot-themed updates shipping to the operating system often.

Microsoft is reportedly showing full-screen Windows 11 ads on in-eligible Windows 10 PCs featuring warnings about the OS’s imminent end of support. This deal is perfect, especially if you have a Windows PC that meets Microsoft’s strict minimum system requirements for Windows 11 and don’t want to pay Windows 10’s exaggerated subscription price.

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