Which is better for watching gamers play, Mixer or Twitch?

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Microsoft Streaming


Amazon Streaming


Mixer is the newest member of the streaming platforms, starting in 2016. While it’s growing quickly, Mixer still has fewer overall streamers. The viewer population didn’t grow as quickly, but it is increasing. If smaller chat populations, this might be an excellent platform for your viewing needs.

Free at Mixer


  • Pro subscription is less expensive
  • Primarily smaller communities; Easier to chat with streamers
  • FTL response time makes better for community chat


  • Weaker benefits in Mixer Pro
  • Primarily smaller communities; Fewer people to chat with

Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform, more streamers, and potentially larger communities. If you aren’t worried about a crowd, and even if you are, you can probably find a good stream you’ll enjoy with the help of front page and detailed tags.

Free at Twitch


  • Better benefits from Twitch Prime
  • Easier to find new content with Twitch front page
  • Better tag system to show stream content


  • Prime subscription is more expensive

Mixer and Twitch are both solid platforms for content creation, which makes them solid platforms for watching that content. We can’t expect either to be a perfect experience, but we can pick what is most important to us and watch based on that.

The breakdown

Mixer Twitch
Free To Watch Yes Yes
Channel Subscriptions $4.99 $4.99
Channel Currency Sparks Channel Points
Purchased Currency Embers Bits
Currency Price 140 for $1.99 100 for $1.40
Platform Subscription Mixer Pro Twitch Prime
Subscription Price $8mo. $13mo. (Included with Amazon Prime)

Mixer Pro

Mixer Pro is a paid subscription meant to increase the viewing experience. For $7.99 a month:

  • You won’t have ads on any streams you watch
  • You earn 2x as much experience (Experience gates you from specific emoji)
  • You will have early access to new Mixer features
  • You get a premium highlight for your chat messages

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime, for $12.99 a month you will receive:

  • A monthly Prime Subscription to use on any streamer you choose to support
  • Access to free Games with Prime and in-game content each month
  • Loot gifting to share those games and in-game content (if activated in the channel)
  • Exclusive emoticons to use in chat
  • Expanded colors for your chat name and /me emotes
  • A Twitch Prime badge you may show-off next to your name
  • If you are a streamer, you can save VODs for 60 days

If you have an Amazon Prime account already, you have access to Twitch Prime, simply link your accounts.

Which platform is best for you?

We see no reason why anybody should choose one platform and avoid the other. As the world of streaming expands with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Prime Video — Also included in Amazon Prime — most people don’t settle on a single service. So why pick one streaming platform?

There are wonderful content creators on both Mixer and Twitch. Watch your favorite streamers rather than your favorite platform. ¯(ツ)

But if you want to pick one to subscribe to, we feel Twitch Prime is the best value. You get a Prime Subscription, which is a $4.99 value. Each month you can use it on your favorite Twitch streamer, and they will earn points and income as if it were a standard channel subscription. This already pays for a chunk of the Prime cost. Amazon Video might pay for the rest, if you enjoy their exclusive content.

Again, no reason not to use both. I have streamers on both platforms I enjoy; it’s just a new tab or quick tap on an app to swap between each one.

Double up exp

Mixer Pro

Experience pro

Go add free and get extra experience with Mixer Pro. This subscription removes ads, get 2x exp, get chat highlights and early access to new features.

Support your streamers

Twitch Prime

Prime inside Prime

Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime and also support streamers on Twitch. Twitch Prime lets you subscribe to a streamer for ‘free’ each month.

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