Where to preorder Cyberpunk 2077 on PC and Xbox One

Cyberpunk 2077 is CD Projekt RED’s upcoming massive open-world RPG, based on the tabletop game of the same name (just without the 2077 date). With a release date of September 17, 2020, players on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 can now preorder the game. We’ve rounded up the best place for you to reserve a copy and what each edition includes.

Just like most major AAA releases these days, CD Projekt RED will release a Collector’s Edition, which comes with a bunch of additional swag on top of Cyberpunk 2077 itself. The Collector’s Edition will be available to both Xbox and PlayStation gamers.

See below what the Collector’s Edition contains.


  • Collector’s Edition box
  • Case with game discs
  • Collectible SteelBook
  • 25cm x 10″ statue depicting V in action
  • Hardcover artbook
  • Metal pin set
  • Quadra V-tech metal keychain
  • Annotated copy of A Visitor’s Guide to Night City sealed in an NCPD Evidence Bag
  • Embroidered patches
  • World Compendium detailing the game’s setting and lore
  • Postcards from Night City and Map of Night City
  • Sticker bomb set


  • Game soundtrack
  • Art booklet featuring a selection of art from the game
  • Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook
  • Wallpapers for your desktop and mobile
The Standard Edition is all you need should you simply want to hop into the gritty world of Night City as soon as the game launches in September 2020. Just because it’s a “standard” copy of the game, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive no goodies at all.


  • Wallpapers for desktop and mobile
  • An additional set of wallpapers and avatars
  • 30% off for the official CD PROJEKT RED merch store
  • Soundtrack
  • Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook
  • A digital booklet with art from the game
  • Exclusive digital booklet Ready-to-print Cyberpunk 2077 posters

While picking up a copy on Xbox or PlayStation should be carried out wherever you prefer, we highly recommend you buy it on PC from GOG for the standard edition, which will result in 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to the developer.

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