Where to find all the components to improve your Kodiak in Wasteland 3

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You need a tough ride to navigate the frozen post-apocalyptic wilderness in Wasteland 3. Your tank-like vehicle, the Kodiak, is a means of transportation on the RPG’s world map that also serves as a combatant in some encounters capable of firing on or just running over enemies. It protects your characters from the elements, and fully upgrading it will be necessary to explore some of the harshest and most irradiated areas of the game.

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As you explore every inch of the game looking for unique gear for your squad, you’ll also discover upgrades for your Kodiak that you can equip at the garage at Ranger HQ. Here’s where to find or buy all the useful gear.

Functionality isn’t everything. If you want your Kodiak to look stylish, intimidating, or just plain silly, you’ll want to pick up these cosmetic horns and hood ornaments.

An apocalyptic epic

Wasteland 3

Putting the RP back in RPG.

Wasteland 3 is breaking new ground like its predecessors, over thirty years later. This RPG masterpiece has so much stuff you’ll struggle to see it all, even with multiple playthroughs—unmissable instant CRPG classic.

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