Where is the Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise release date?

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is soon on track to receive its next major expansion, kicking off the third season of Year 4, Operation Ember Rise. The free update continues the momentum of trimonthly content drops, debuting two Latin American Operators packing fresh talent for the multiplayer shooter. Promised contents already indicate a step-up beyond what many felt was a disappointing prior season, bringing new grappling hooks and incendiary shields to play. But with silence from Ubisoft, where is the Ember Rise release?

Ubisoft has established a robust schedule for Rainbow Six Siege updates over the years, developing an easy pattern to follow. Teasers drop, tailed by a Pro League Final reveal panel, Technical Test Server (TTS) PC testing, and Tuesday launch. While Ubisoft has recently experimented with fewer teasers and extended three-week tests, players have come to expect a somewhat consistent structure.

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The timetable has made it easy to predict release dates, as proven by Burnt Horizon and Phantom Sight in 2019. As a result, September 10 looked likely for Operation Ember Rise – backed by new Pilot Program Phase 2 cosmetics also confirmed for same Tuesday launch.

But September 10 is here – and we’re yet to see the announcement of Ember Rise hitting live servers. Ubisoft often details deployment schedules at least 24 hours prior, which may be indicative of a delay beyond the assumed launch. The studio appears to be wrangling final bugs, with TTS maintenance just yesterday.

While September 10 looks increasingly unlikely, past Rainbow Six Siege seasons have released after Tuesday, meaning Ember Rise may drop later this week. Lack of communication from Ubisoft might be frustrating, but keep an eye out for the days (or hours) ahead.

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