When will Xbox Series X be released?

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Best answer: Microsoft states Xbox Series X is slated for a “Holiday 2020” release date. In the meantime, the Xbox One X is the best you can get for 4K gaming.

When is the Xbox Series X release date?

Microsoft has outlined the foundations for Xbox Series X, its upcoming next-generation console succeeding Xbox One X. The future-facing flagship looks to deliver a groundbreaking leap in visual fidelity, leveraging custom high-performance hardware engineered by Microsoft and AMD. Already poised to achieve four times the processing capabilities of Xbox One X, Xbox Series X aims for 8K resolution gaming or 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second (FPS).

With Microsoft’s E3 2019 unveiling short of firm specifications, development remains underway on Xbox Series X. The latest Zen 2 architecture and Navi graphics technology look to assemble a formidable combo, backed by “high-bandwidth” DDR6 RAM. Microsoft has also dropped tease of “a new generation of SSDs,” indicating an in-house proprietary setup, boasting 40 times performance gains over Xbox One.

While Microsoft has already laid the foundations, it’s still tackling the design and manufacturing of its next Xbox. Xbox Series X is currently targeting a holiday 2020 release date, with specific availability likely to be detailed next year.

When do Xbox Series X preorders go live?

Xbox Series X is positioned as Microsoft’s next-generation console, marking a shift akin to Xbox One from Xbox 360 in 2013. However, amid Microsoft’s continued push for continuity and compatibility, its next box will share more with the existing Xbox One family than past generations. All Xbox One titles will translate to updated hardware while maintaining compatibility with controllers, headsets, and other system features.

Early E3 2019 hardware teasers show promise, shifting to the latest generation CPU and GPU families with premium memory and storage. The system currently shares much of what’s expected from the Sony PlayStation 5 too, which should ensure it remains a cutting-edge system for coming years. However, Xbox Series X is undeniably an enthusiast device, shooting for crazy 8K resolutions and 120Hz refresh rates at its peak. Outputting either may require a new TV to draw the best, likely adopting the new HDMI 2.1 standard for connectivity.

While Microsoft has provided the first details on Xbox Series X, preorders for the device are yet to go live. Scheduled for a larger presence throughout 2020, expect the opportunity to lock down your console around its E3 media briefing in June.

For everyday 4K gaming, the Xbox One X console is still a top-tier device in 2019, slated to maintain compatibility with future games for coming years. Unless clamoring for the best you can get, don’t overlook the Xbox One X, despite Xbox Series X looming on the horizon.

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