When, where, and for how much you can get the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition

To the excitement of countless BTS fans around the world, Samsung introduced the purple-flavored Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition yesterday along with pricing and availability details for South Korea and the USA. The company has now followed up with different announcements for various other markets, so here’s what you need to know if you’re a BTS fan waiting for an opportunity to buy the Galaxy S20+ or Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition.The purple flagship and earbuds have so far been officially confirmed to launch in Brazil, France, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, the UK, Singapore and Spain. Pre-order and release dates are similar in most of these markets, but pre-order bonuses and pricing details are not, or they’re missing from some regions. This is everything Samsung announced so far, but more details could be coming soon:Brazil:pre-registration page for the Galaxy S20+/Buds+ BTS Edition is liveFrance: Galaxy S20+/Buds+ BTS Edition pre-orders live from June 19 to July 8, available from July 9 on fnac.com. Purple wireless charger offered as a pre-order bonus.Germany: The products will be available for pre-order from June 19 to July 8. They’ll release on July 9. Pricing details are unclear but pre-ordering the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition gets you a 50% discount on the purple Buds+.Malaysia: pre-orders open from July 19 to June 5. The Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition costs RM 4,399 ($1,028). Galaxy Buds+ cost RM 899 ($210) or RM 449 ($104) when buying them along with a Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition pre-order. Pre-ordering the Buds+ will guarantee a free Wireless Charger Pad BTS Edition.Russia: the same pre-order window and 50% Buds+ pre-order discount for Germany applies to Russia as well. The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition cost 84,990 ($1,213) and 16,990 ($242) rubles, respectively. They will go on sale at Samsung online as well as MVideo and Svyaznoy.UK: pre-orders go live on June 19. The Galaxy S20+ and Buds+ BTS Edition will go on sale on July 9 for yet-undisclosed prices.Singapore: BTS Edition pre-orders go live on June 19 and end on July 5. The phone and earbuds will ship on July 9. The Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition will sell for SGD 1,598 ($1,146) at Samsung online, Singtel, and StarHub. The Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition will be available for pre-order for SGD 298 ($213) through Samsung’s e-shop. Pre-order promotions include 50% off the Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition when pre-ordering the phone, and a free wireless charger when pre-ordering the purple earbuds.Spain: Samsung Spain’s announcement of the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition was more generic and while it contained launch info for the US and South Korea, it didn’t include any such details for Spain. Therefore, Samsung may plan on releasing the BTS Edition in Spain eventually, but as yet there are no concrete launch and pricing details.The Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition are not necessarily bound to these markets. Samsung could be releasing these BTS Edition products in more regions at a later date, so stay tuned. Likewise, more pricing details for the markets mentioned above should emerge in the coming days before the pre-order period begins.

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