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Best HyperX Gaming Headsets Windows Central 2020

HyperX makes a range of great headsets for all sorts of users, with all sorts of features. HyperX is generally known for comfort and quality at affordable prices, so much so that other competitors, like Turtle Beach, have been forced to follow some of HyperX’s design conventions to get into the same price bracket. Which should you buy, though? We have broken down the four best HyperX headsets, and what unique features they bring to the table, but the best is still the HyperX CloudX, which gives you great sound in a sturdy, comfortable body.

Best Overall: HyperX CloudX

The original HyperX Cloud headset has a successor in the Cloud II, but you can still grab the first edition for a more affordable entry point. With some seriously supreme “cloud-like” comfort, this headset feels as though it should cost a lot more than it does, with a durable metal frame and high-quality plastics used throughout. It also comes with a braided cable, far more wear-and-tear resistant than its plastic cousins, and its dense construction has proven hard-wearing.

The CloudX rocks HyperX’s signature ovular 53mm speakers, with a broad frequency response for deep bass and crisp highs. In-line audio controls give you command over the sound stage at your fingertips, although, be warned: the HyperX headsets can get seriously loud (which, for those of us getting older, is a welcome bonus).

The only real downside with the CloudX is that it lacks some of the customization and additional features like mic monitoring or 7.1 surround sound. Regardless, if you want a no-nonsense solution that nails all the basics at a relatively affordable price, look no further.


  • Great sound
  • Robust construction with premium materials
  • Crazy comfortable


  • Short on features and customization
  • Mic quality is basic

Best Overall

HyperX CloudX

Entry level

The HyperX Cloud Pro put HyperX headsets on the map, and that remains relatively unchanged to this day. You get stellar quality all around, all at a mid-range price point that’s difficult to pass up.

Best PC headset: HyperX Cloud Revolver S

A Gears of War limited edition Cloud Revolver headset.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S sports the most impressive specs of the HyperX range, although you’ll pay a bit more for the privilege.

It utilizes similar robust flex-free plastics, compact construction, and metal parts to complete a strong-feeling package. The headband across the top floats, automatically adjusting to any head shape, with premium leatherette earcups that feel rather heavenly against your skin.

The Revolver S sports the latest generation of HyperX’s signature drivers, with a broad frequency range for a distinct sound experience.

The only real downside with the Cloud Revolver S is that the 7.1 surround sound injector is compatible only with PC, leaving console and mobile gamers stuck on 3.5mm. In that scenario, you’d want to opt for a different headset from this list.


  • Great sound, with 7.1 surround on PC
  • Signature comfort and quality maintained
  • Unique look


  • Metal headband conducts sound
  • Best features are PC-only

Best PC headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

7.1 for PC

The Cloud Revolver S is a stunning headset with the option for 7.1 surround sound and a unique design, but sadly it’s only fully compatible with PC.

Best Wireless: HyperX Cloud Flight

The HyperX Cloud Flight headset is an impressively affordable wireless option from HyperX, boasting 30 hours of battery life and the company’s signature sound quality. Although there’s no wireless compatibility for Xbox One or mobile devices, PC and PS4 users will be able to enjoy completely stable voice and game sound via a handy USB wireless interface. With no cables in sight, the audio controls are baked directly onto the headset itself.

To ensure the price stayed reasonably low, HyperX compromised on a few things with the Cloud Flight, namely build quality. The soundstage is also less impressive than other HyperX headsets, which not only impedes your sense of immersion but could also negatively impact tactical competitive play. Despite that, the sound quality is still excellent over all, particularly when compared to lesser brands.


  • Solid audio overall
  • 30 hours of wirelessness
  • 3.5mm cable included for wired capabilities


  • Lower build quality than other HyperX headsets
  • Only PC and PS4 compatible, limiting wireless versatility
  • Pointless LEDs lower battery life needlessly, but can be disabled

Best Wireless

HyperX Cloud Flight

Take flight

Despite lacking the high-quality construction of some other HyperX headsets, its wirelessness is rock solid on PC.

Most Immersive: HyperX Cloud Alpha

The 3.5mm HyperX Cloud Alpha is a little bit different from its brethren, sporting dual-chamber speakers and audio tuning that seem to prioritize immersion above everything else. With the same build quality as the best HyperX headsets, airy comfort, and tightly-packed construction, the Cloud Alpha delivers above-average audio that defies its price range.

Sweeping explosions, thundering gunfire, and crisp reloads make a strong case for the Alpha’s audio quality, which offers impressive distinction across its broad range. The cavernous sound stage lends itself well to getting fully immersed in the action, with minimal distortion. Perhaps the main downside is that unlike some other headsets out there, the well-balanced nature of the Cloud Alpha may not lend itself well to tactical play. Gaming headsets often accentuate higher frequencies to help you locate enemies via footstep sounds and other movement audio cues. Chaotic games like Battlefield V sound incredibly impressive with the Alpha. Still, you might occasionally struggle to hear an enemy sneaking up on you if the soundstage has become dominated by bassy explosions or vehicle engines.


  • Excellent build quality and comfort
  • Bundled braided 3.5mm extension cable
  • Immersive sound stage, ideal for single player experiences
  • Decent mic with in-line controls


  • Lacking in bells and whistles
  • Accurate sound reproduction might not be best for competitive play

Most Immersive

HyperX Cloud Alpha

True immersion

The immersive Cloud Alpha dual-chamber option from HyperX is an excellent option for fans of campaign experiences, but your competitive play may suffer.

Bottom line

The original HyperX CloudX remains the best HyperX option for most people, owing to its lower price point. It still has some of the best construction and audio quality out there, and while it lacks all the “bells and whistles” of some of its HyperX cousins, it nails the basics better than most, often at a better price too. The CloudX also has a lower impedance than some of the other headsets on this list, allowing it to use power slightly more effectively via a gaming controller, for example.

There’s very little overall difference between the HyperX headset range, save for some slight variations based on your needs. You won’t be disappointed, no matter your choice.

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