WhatsApp update brings animated stickers, QR code, dark mode for web

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WhatsApp already has 2 billion users worldwide but they of course want more even if they’re considered the most popular one right now. The latest update brings several new features that would please current users and maybe attract even more new ones. You get animated stickers, QR code for easier adding of contacts, and dark mode for the web and desktop versions. There are also some improvements in group video calls, which of course is very important right now during the pandemic.

Stickers are a very crucial part of messaging and now WhatsApp users will be able to send and receive new animated sticker packs. Some choose to communicate in emojis and stickers so this should be something fun that you can enjoy sending to family members, friends, or maybe even co-workers (at least the “professional”-looking stickers). There are a few sticker packs already available so try them out (if you’ve updated to the latest version).

To make it easier to add new contacts when you meet them in person or even online, you now have a QR code that you can share to others or scan to add others to your address book. It saves time from manually typing in their numbers and names to your app so all you have to do is scan the code so you can start messaging or calling your new contact. The Dark Mode which the app has is also now extending to the web and desktop versions.

Since group video calls now let you have up to 8 people in a call, WhatsApp is bringing some improvements to it. You can now focus on a participant by pressing and holding on the person’s square to maximize them to full screen. There is now also a video icon in your group chats as long as you are 8 people or less so it will be easier to start a video call. Just tap on that icon and you’re good to go.

Those who are using KaiOS also get the status feature where they can share their status and it will last for 24 hours. All these new WhatsApp features have started rolling out to users but it will take them a few weeks to complete it.

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