WhatsApp testing automatic status sharing to Instagram

Around seven months ago, WhatsApp rolled out the ability for status updates to be shared automatically to Facebook for some beta users. While we wait for that functionality to become available for everyone, Meta is now testing the automatic sharing of status updates to Instagram.

In the update to WhatsApp beta for Android, the option to share status updates to Facebook and Instagram has been spotted in the app’s status privacy settings menu, where users can currently select which contacts can see their status updates.

It’s unclear when Meta plans to make status sharing on Facebook and Instagram available widely. Many new features and improvements for WhatsApp’s status updates have been in testing over the last few months, but Meta is taking it rather slow when it comes to rolling them out to the general public.

For the time being WhatsApp seems to be focused on security-related features. The app received the option to hide locked chats behind a secret code just a few days back, and its developers recently highlighted how the app enhances the security and privacy of users when they make calls over WhatsApp.

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