WhatsApp reportedly working on multiple device support

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WhatsApp is one of if not the most popular messaging app in the world but we can always expect that parent company Facebook will not rest on its laurels. It looks like they’re working on support for multiple devices to make it easier for those who prefer to access the same account on their other smartphones or tablets. Even better, they seem to be including synchronized chat history on all of the devices where your WhatsApp account will be installed.

WABetaInfo shared this under-development feature that WhatsApp is still working on and may be released sometime in the next few months. Basically what will happen is that you’ll be able to install the app and use the same account in multiple devices. Currently, you can do so on WhatsApp Web but it has to connect back to a phone account of course and that phone has to be powered and connected to the Internet.

With the multiple device support that they’re working on, you will be able to use the account on multiple devices at the same time and you won’t even need to constantly connect back to the phone. It will also support chat history sync so all of your messages will be synced across devices. You will need to copy the chat history so you’ll need a WiFi connection for this of course.

Recently, WhatsApp has been introducing features that would limit forwarding or at least slow you down from forwarding all those viral messages that can sometime contain false information. They also added a search feature for those forwarded messages so you can check the validity or supporting information on the web if the information is legit. The app has become a hotbed of viral messages during this pandemic and that’s not always a good thing.

As to when we’ll see this multiple device support, that might take a while as they’re still in the development stage. We’ll update you if ever this goes to beta and that means closer to release.

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