WhatsApp partners with WHO for Together At Home sticker pack

Various apps and services are doing whatever they can now to help people stay informed, stay entertained, and stay at home during this pandemic. Some of these things are big and really important, while some are lighthearted and just fun for those times when we just need a break. For the latter, WhatsApp is partnering with the World Health Organization to bring you a Together At Home sticker pack on the Facebook-owned messaging platform.

While it is not groundbreaking or world-changing, this sticker pack can help you connect with loved ones during these times when messaging apps may be the only way to communicate. And we all know that some people say it better through emojis and stickers. They can be used to check in on people and is also a fun way to remind people to do things like wash their hands, exercise, maintain safe distance, etc.

There are also stickers celebrating the heroism of health care workers and this is a good, short way to communicate if you don’t want to disturb them but you want to know you are thinking of them. It may not be a lot for those who are feeling isolated or scared, chatting with friends is their only lifeline for now. And if sharing cute stickers help, then by all means, give them all the stickers.

This doesn’t mean that WhatsApp is not doing important work too. They recently limited the forwarding of viral messages (which are oftentimes fake or conspiracy theories). You will only be able to forward a message to one person at a time, which will hopefully stop or at least slow down all those trying to send forwarded messages to all their contacts and groups. Group chats in places like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger are big sources of misinformation which we don’t really need right now.

But if you’re all about sharing cute stickers, the Together at Home sticker pack is now available within the WhatsApp app. The text are localized for 9 other languages namely Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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