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Samsung fans always have a thing or two to say about Samsung’s update policy. Normally, they feel that the company doesn’t send them out as quickly as it should be. Others feel that there’s too much fragmentation, with certain markets getting the updates early while others were made to wait for much longer.There was some improvement in the frequency last year, particularly in the case of security updates. We even saw Samsung rolling out new patches even before they had been detailed. The company also did a great job of getting the Android 10 update out the door.It started the beta program and was able to release the Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 in late November. Samsung later released the update for the Galaxy Note 10. It even managed to get Android 10 out for the Galaxy Note 9 on the very last day of 2019.Those with US unlocked models still feel that Samsung should be doing a much better job of getting the updates out for their variant. We have also pointed out several times this year that Samsung didn’t do as good a job with updates for the Galaxy Fold as it should have.What’s your opinion on Samsung’s update policy for 2019? Did you feel that there was some improvement or none at all? How should Samsung improve it in 2020? Comment below and lets get a discussion going.


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