What’s the best Dell XPS 15 replacement charger?

Best answer: Dell XPS 15 (including the new 7590) can be charged by the dedicate proprietary port or through USB. Dell includes a charger for you to use, but you can pick up a second or a USB Type-C charger for less than you think.

Genuine Dell charger

You can find genuine Dell chargers and docks for the XPS 15, though you will be looking to pay anywhere up to $320 for the luxury of using a part supplied by the manufacturer. The dock we highlight here is more than enough for the XPS 15, allowing you to both charge and use the laptop simultaneously, while also hooking up other accessories.

While you may want to use the dedicated charging port rather than USB, you might run into some issues if you need to hook up devices and other accessories to your notebook. You’re going to find it difficult to plug a cable into a USB port that is already occupied by a charger unless you have a hub handy.

Going with USB

Amazon is the go-to retailer for millions of people worldwide daily. The company stocks everything from baby nappies to car parts and everything in between. There are even listings for USB Type-C chargers that work with the Dell XPS 15. While Dell includes a charger with the notebook from the factory, you may want to have a second one at hand or one that can be used with other devices.

You can go with Dell’s own charger with the required “brick” or a compatible USB Type-C charger. The advantages of using a USB one are the support for all other devices you also might have, like a tablet or smartphone. When traveling it’s best to keep luggage light, and only needing one charger is only a good thing.

AUKEY has a great 60W solution that not only comes rocking USB Type-C port, but also a further two Type-A ports for charging other devices. All you need is a free power outlet and you’re good to go. AUKEY covers its charger with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

Depending on what you’re after, Dell and third-party companies have solutions available to provide some charge to your Dell XPS 15.

Our pick


It’s not cheap, but this AUKEY charger is all you need.

AUKEY is a reputable brand you can trust and this USB Type-C charger can supply enough juice to the PC from any available outlet.

Budget charger

iClever USB-C Charger

The 45W you need to charge your laptop

When you don’t need a power adapter that can provide power to numerous devices simultaneously, this iClever charger is a great budget choice.

Premium dock

Dell Business Thunderbolt Dock TB16

Dock your XPS and charge away.

When only parts from Dell will suffice, this 180/240W dock will work well with the XPS 15 and allow you to use all your USB ports without issue.

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