What’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in December 2019

December isn’t all about the holidays. OK, it’s a lot about the holidays, and we’re talking the traditional fare that usually requires someone in a red suit with a beard. But it’s also about so much more than that. Like Tiffany Haddish taking on her Jewish roots in Black Mitzvah on Netflix.

And it’s about the long-awaited fourth season of The Expanse on or the return of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime Video.

Or it’s about Hulu going even further down the dark side with another installment of Into the Dark.

The point is, there’s something for everyone as we close out 2019.

What’s new on Netflix in December 2019

You’re going to spend a good bit of December laughing. That’s nothing new for Netflix, but it’s also especially true as we close out 2019.

First up? Tiffany Haddish brings her new special — Black Mitzvah — on Dec. 3. And just 24 hours later we’ll get Season 2 of Magic For Human with Justin Willman. Plus there’s Season 5 of Fuller House, A Family Reunion Christmas, new stand-up from Michelle Wolf, and so much more.

Holidays fare? Sure. But it’s the humor that’s going to keep the fire lit this December.

See what’s new on Netflix in December 2019

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What’s that? You somehow don’t have a Netflix account? Let’s take care of that, shall we? Because it’s got more content than you have hours in your life. Think about that for a minute.

December’s tentpoles for Amazon Prime Video couldn’t be more diametrically opposed.

On one hand, there’s the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Eclectic family in the mid-20th Century, dynamics of marriage — and she’s still funny as funny can be.

On the other hand there’s Season 4 of The Expanse, which was resurrected by Amazon after SYFY killed it off, much to the dismay of the rabidly loyal fan base. And this season — hundreds of years in the future from where you and I sit, by the way — we’re going to find all our favorite characters in places they’ve never been before.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

See what’s new on Amazon Prime Video in December 2019

New Into the Dark and the Season 3 premiere of Marvel’s Runaways brighten up December for Hulu.

The gist on the former?

A mid-level employee at a large company finds out he’s not getting the Christmas bonus or promotion he was expecting. But then his boss invites him over for dinner with a proposal for how he can climb the corporate ladder… by beating his professional rival in a violent competition.

And the gist on the latter?

The Runaways frantically search for their captured friends Chase, Gert and Karolina. The kids go head to head with an unstoppable enemy who has targeted Leslie — or more accurately, the child she’s carrying.

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Hulu has made a name for itself with a huge back catalog and stellar originals like The Handmaid’s Tale. And now it’s got a large stable of live channels — and it’s fully integrated in the world of Disney and Disney+.

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