What Team Windows Central is watching and listening to this weekend

San Francisco is one of America’s great, most glorious cities, and it’s never looked more memorable than in this flick.

It’s the story of a mostly homeless man in the San Francisco area who makes it his life’s quest to maintain (and maybe even reclaim) the old Victorian home in the city that his grandfather once owned — and that he may or may not have built. The neighborhood is at the center of the wave of gentrification that continues to transform San Fran from artsy and alternative haven to modern tech-centric hub. That means it’s out of reach for all but the very wealthy.

The plot is simple, but it’s the shooting, scenery and music that really make this film pop. It’s beautiful and poignant, and the lead actor — who based the film at least partially on his own true story — delivered a pitch-perfect performance that left me thinking about the movie for days after watching it.

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