What is Apple Daily Cash and how does it work?

If you signed up for and started using the Apple Card, then you may have noticed something in your account called Daily Cash.

And the more you use your Apple Card, the more that Daily Cash balance builds up, right? But what exactly is Daily Cash, how much can you get, and how can use spend it?

We have the answers to these questions and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Daily Cash.


What exactly is Daily Cash?

Daily Cash is money you get back from buying items with your Apple Card. You receive a percentage of your purchase, each time you buy something with your Apple Card. Daily Cash is similar to cashback programs you’ve probably seen with cards like Discover and Capital One.

How much Daily Cash do you get?

Since you receive a percentage of your purchase, the amount will likely be different each time. But it’s the percentages that vary.

3% for Apple purchases: When you buy items from the Apple Store, iTunes, and App Store or use your Apple Card to pay for subscriptions like Apple Music and iCloud storage, you receive 3%.

2% for Apple Pay: When you buy an item using Apple Pay, you receive 2% back in Daily Cash.

1% for everything else: Other items that don’t fall into the above categories, like things you buy from stores, websites, restaurants and the like, as well as if you use your physical Apple Card, will give you 1% back.

You’ll also receive 3% Daily Cash for purchasing a new iPhone with the Apple Card Monthly Installments in addition to the iPhone Upgrade Plan. Just make sure to use your Apple Card.

What if you return a purchase?

If you return an item or receive a refund on an item you purchased with your Apple Card, your Daily Cash for that transaction is charged back to your Apple Card.

How do you find your Daily Cash?

If you enabled notifications for your Apple Card, then you will get alerts for your Daily Cash as well.

  • Daily notifications show how much Daily Cash was added for the day before.
  • Weekly and monthly notifications summarize your Apple Card spending and how much Daily Cash you received during that week or month.

If you don’t have notifications enabled or simply missed one, you can check your Daily Cash activity in the Wallet app. Open the app and tap your Apple Card.

To view Daily Cash received from specific transactions, scroll down on the main screen to Latest Transactions. You’ll see the Daily Cash percentage beneath the amount of the purchase. You can also see the amount if you choose a certain transaction for details.

Daily Cash Transactions
Daily Cash transactions

To view Daily Cash received by week or month, tap the Monthly (or Weekly) Activity box on the Apple Card screen. Below the graph, you’ll see Daily Cash with a total for that time period and the number of transactions that you can tap for further details.

Daily Cash by Month

Daily Cash for month

To view Daily Cash by billing period, tap Card Balance on the Apple Card screen. Choose one of the Statements listed and you’ll see the total amount of Daily Cash for that period.

Daily Cash by Billing Period

Daily Cash by billing period

To view Daily Cash added to your Apple Cash, open the Wallet app and choose Apple Cash. You can see at a glance those amounts added to Daily Cash in the Latest Transactions list. You can then select one to see more information.

Daily Cash Apple Cash
Daily Cash in Apple Cash

How can you spend your Daily Cash?

If you set up Apple Cash, your Daily Cash will be added to it. Then you can use it just like any other money you have in your Apple Cash account. You can transfer it to your bank, make purchases with Apple Pay, or send it to a friend in Messages.

If you do not have Apple Cash set up, your Daily Cash will accumulate and can then be applied toward your Apple Card balance as a one-time payment.

Will you save or spend your Daily Cash?

Daily Cash is a nice added bonus to using your Apple Card for purchases. You may only receive a buck or two, but those dollars add up.

Do you plan to save your Daily Cash and let it build up or will you spend it on someone else or pay some on your Apple Card? Let us know!

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