What are names for? Another non-foldable Galaxy F phone coming to India

If you thought the “F” in Samsung’s recently introduced smartphone model numbers stands for “foldable,” think again… and you’ll already be two steps ahead of whoever decided Samsung India’s next Android mid-ranger will be marketed as the Galaxy F62. As we’re definitely dealing with a serial offender here. This is evidenced by the recent debut of the Galaxy F41, also known as the SM-F415, which is a model number that confused many industry watchers earlier this year.

Samsung India at least avoided using an F designation for the actual model number of the Galaxy F62. As a new report claims the upcoming smartphone will be identified as the SM-E625F in technical documentation. Surely because that will make things less confusing.

The F stands for ‘frivolous’

Assuming the Galaxy F41 was simply a result of Samsung India’s eagerness (it probably is), we probably won’t be seeing another such device anytime soon. In this context, “such” means a low-end product whose model number is seemingly related to that of a $2,000+ device. Not that the Galaxy F62 will be an entry-level smartphone, but today’s report does not go into any more details, however.

Meanwhile, a much more transparently labeled Android mid-ranger, the Galaxy A52 5G, is still expected to release globally in the near future, though it’s reportedly not headed to India. However, our sources tell us an LTE variant of the Galaxy A52 exists, and it’s possible that variant is the one Samsung will launch in India and some other markets.

  • Model: SM-E625F
  • Dimensions: Bar: x x mm
  • Display: inch / mm
  • CPU:
  • Camera:

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