Weekly poll results: the Samsung Galaxy M55 leaves a lot to be desired

The Samsung Galaxy M55 quietly launched in Europe and South America this week, but something tells us that people won’t be lining up along the street to get one. And that something is last week’s poll where most people made it clear that there are better options in the mid-range.

Looking at that €550 price in Europe, we can’t disagree – the Galaxy A55 (€480 right now) is one such mid-ranger. The Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 really did feel like a first generation product, so using it in the M55 was a mistake. The Exynos 1480 from the A55, meanwhile, left us impressed with its performance and heat management.

The M55 is a bit cheaper than the A55 in some places, e.g. it’s BRL 2,700 vs. BRL 2,970, but even then – wouldn’t you want the more premium phone?

Weekly poll results: the Samsung Galaxy M55 leaves a lot to be desired

Reading through the comments, the chipset is a sticking point for many. Others are looking at non-Samsung options – the Nothing Phone (2a) and the new Motorola Edge 50 Fusion. These have decently wide availability, but of course, some regions also have a selection of aggressively priced Xiaomis, vivos, Realmes and so on.

To be fair, the Galaxy A55 and A35 were also knocked for their price – a price they didn’t stick with for long. The Galaxy M55 will similarly start getting discounts and deals. And once it drops enough, it might be worth a second look.

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