Weekly poll: is the OnePlus 7T Pro a worthwhile upgrade?

OnePlus’ product strategy for 2019 left people confounded – the company continued expanding in the US, but without the affordable OnePlus 7. Then the OnePlus 7T came out as a massive upgrade, leaving buyers of the vanilla 7 a little sour. And where was the OnePlus 7T Pro, anyway?

Well, here it is – the OnePlus 7T Pro was announced at a separate event, a couple of weeks after the 7T. But while the 7T was a huge leap in capabilities, the 7T Pro is incremental at best. It’s almost like the company separated the events because the 7T deserved all the spotlight and the 7T Pro…

Let’s run through the upgrades first before we start knocking it. You can read our hands-on review for details or just read the next paragraph – there really aren’t that many changes.

Weekly poll: is the OnePlus 7T Pro a worthwhile upgrade?

The 7T Pro upgrades to the Snapdragon 855+, which promises 15% better graphics performance than the original 855 chip. The battery charging also got faster – 23% faster thanks to Warp Charge 30T. Fine upgrades, but it’s not like they added wireless charging and several other Android flagships also have the 855+.

Since we’re quickly becoming fans of macro photography, the new macro mode borrowed from the 7T is exciting. To be clear, dedicated 2MP macro cams are not good for much. But ultra wide cams that can focus at just a couple of centimeters away offer a great shift in perspective and natural bokeh.

There’s one more change and it’s a negative one. Since the 6/128GB memory option is out, the base OnePlus 7T Pro comes with 8/256GB, which means it starts at €760 – not €710 as before. To be fair, the 7 Pro 8/256GB costs the same, but many would have still liked to have the lower cost option.

Weekly poll: is the OnePlus 7T Pro a worthwhile upgrade?

Speaking of, the OnePlus 7 Pro is still available in Europe, for now at least. The company has a habit of discontinuing its old models, so that might change next week as the 7T duo becomes available – OnePlus didn’t say anything on the subject. The 7 Pro can still be found in India and the US as well.

And with relatively small upgrades on the T and a lower price on the older model, which one would you prefer?

What about the OnePlus 7T – that’s cheaper, yet offers 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display (flat, 1080p+ instead of curved, 1440p+). It gained a telephoto cam (2x zoom, 12MP, no-OIS vs. 3x zoom, 8MP, OIS) and an ultra wide cam.

Unfortunately, Europe and the US only get the 8/128GB version of the 7T. Not that the US has much choice, the OnePlus 7T Pro won’t even available there. India gets both devices and a 256GB version of the 7T.

Weekly poll: is the OnePlus 7T Pro a worthwhile upgrade?

One last option before we ask you to vote – the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition has unique looks styled after the supercar maker and comes with a snazzy alcantara case. It’s also the only version with 12GB of RAM (the 7 Pro has a 12/256GB version without the McLaren branding). So, what will it be?

Are you getting a OnePlus 7T Pro?

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