Wear OS teased on Twitter ahead of Google I/O

Google I/O will kick off virtually tomorrow, May 18 where Google will announce various updates and changes to its existing software products and perhaps some new ones. One of the major changes expected to be announced at Google I/O this year is the long-overdue update to Google’s Wear OS.

Ever since Google acquired fitness tracking wearable company Fitbit, it’s been long rumored that Google would eventually incorporate new elements from FitBit’s operating system into Wear OS, as well as produce Google-branded wearables. With tomorrow’s announcements, we hope to hear more about the future of wearables from Google.

It’s been rumored that Samsung is going to ditch its own Tizen operating system for Wear OS with One UI in its new smartwatches. The advantage that Wear OS has over Tizen is superior support for third-party apps within the Wear OS Play Store. Check out the latest story about Samsung’s Wear OS watches here.

Via Twitter

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