We go hands-on with Samsung’s 240Hz Odyssey Neo G8 monitor

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As is often expected from each year’s Consumer Electronics Show, this year’s event is filled with announcements of new monitors and TVs that target all kinds of customers. Samsung revealed the bonkers new 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor for gamers at CES 2022, which we were able to go hands-on with, but that’s not all. The company also introduced a more humble 32-inch monitor called the Odyssey Neo G8.

The Odyssey Neo G8, like all Samsung Odyssey monitors, is aimed at gamers, and it boasts an ultra-high 240Hz refresh rate and 4K resolution. Like other Odyssey monitors, this one has a 1000R curvature. We’re unclear which panel Samsung is using here – the Odyssey Neo G9 uses a mini-LED panel, though we can’t be sure if the G8 follows suit. Of course, the Odyssey Neo G8 features a quick 1ms response time, as well, which is pretty standard fare for most gaming monitors these days.

The Odyssey Neo G8 could have a lot more potential customers compared to the Odyssey Ark (some of us here at SamMobile are already eyeing one), though it will all depend on pricing and availability, details of which are currently unknown. But while we wait for more info, feel free to check out our hands-on video of the Odyssey Neo G8 down below to get a glimpse of everything it has to offer.

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