WD Blue SN550 more than 30% off for Prime Day

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Storage, storage, and more storage. You can never have enough storage, which makes Prime Day a great day for shopping. The best Prime Day SSD deals provide a great opportunity to upgrade the storage in your computer or to pick up a drive for building a new PC. Right now, you can grab a Western Digital Blue SN550 for just $85, which is $40 off of its normal price. If you only need a small amount of storage, you can pick on up for as low as $40.

The WD Blue SN550 has read/write speeds of 2,600/1,800MB/s. That’s not as speedy as some of the best SSDs, but it comes at a much lower price, especially on Prime Day. Within its price range, the WD Blue SN550 delivers an excellent value.

The 1TB model of the WD Blue SN550 is the best option in terms of storage size. Bumping up to 2TB would cost you $320, which is actually the same price as the discounted WD Black SN750 of the same size that’s much quicker.

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Dropping down in size doesn’t save you much money but could be worth it if you only need a small amount of storage. The 250GB version of the WD Blue SN550 is only $40.

If you can afford to spend a bit more, you should look at the WD Black SN750 as an alternative to the WD Blue SN550. The WD Black SN750 is significantly faster, and the 1TB model only costs $40 more.

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