Waze now lets you send drives from web live map to app

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Some people check on their possible route going home from the office or going to an unfamiliar destination before they leave for the drive.They can see traffic conditions, possible road construction, etc. Waze previously made a web Live map available so users can check it on their computers or browser without having to open the app. Now they’re making it easier for you to transfer that information to the app so you can easily transition from your computer to your car and start your derive.

Waze announced that they’re now adding the ability to plan a drive on your browser through the Live Map and then save it to the Waze app so you could pick up where you left off when you start your drive. This way, you don’t have to do the whole process of looking for the destination on your Waze app again since you’ve already plotted and looked at it on the browser version. You can just start your drive already.

First step is of course to launch the Live Map on your desktop browser then click on “Plan a drive”. Choose your starting point and your destination and your preferred departure time as well. Then tap “Save to app”. Open your phone’s camera app and scan the QR code from your browser. The driving instructions will then load in your Waze app directly. You can also sign in to your Waze account on the desktop to sync the instructions.

You can also now get a push notification on your Android device which will advise you when to leave. It can wait for traffic to get better before letting you know you should start heading out. You will also now be able to view your save locations from the app to the web so it would be easier to select your origin or destination so you don’t need to enter your address repeatedly. You can get a 7-day customized planning as well.

No need to update the Waze app to the latest version to be able to access this new feature. But of course it’s almost always better to be using the latest version of any app. Happy driving!

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