Watch this incredibly crisp 8K video of the Arctic Circle shot using Galaxy S20

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The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are Samsung’s first phones that can record 8K videos. All three phones can record 8K videos at 24fps using their rear-facing, high-resolution camera sensors. Now, we can see some stunning results from the Arctic Circle in the form of a cinematic 8K video shot using the Galaxy S20+.Christou Visuals, a team of videographers who shoot cinematic travel films, have shot an 8K video of the Lofoten archipelago in the Arctic Circle using the Galaxy S20+ and published it on YouTube. They used the default camera app on the phone and took the help of a gimbal sometimes to stabilize the device. The soundtrack, however, was added to the video in the post-production process.The Lofoten archipelago in Norway is one of the northernmost populated regions in the Arctic Circle. It lies 169km inside the Arctic Circle and 2,420km away from the north pole. You can watch the waves, snowclad mountains, shores, and the roads in the fantastic video. Note that the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20+ use their 64MP telephoto cameras to record 8K videos, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra uses its 108MP primary sensor for the same task.Even with all the YouTube compression, the visuals in the video look stunning. If you have one of those 8K QLED TVs with HDR from Samsung, it’s best to watch the video on your TV.

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