Watch this Drop Test: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra VS iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Watching Drop Tests used to be a favorite pastime but it came to a point that it can be exhausting to watch because we’re looking at premium, expensive flagship phones. The last one we featured was that ‘100 Meter Drop Test’ that starred the Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Nokia 3310. This time, we’re focusing on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This Drop Test is performed by PhoneBuff. The video presents three rounds of Drop Tests plus a bonus round in the end.

During Round 1 which is the Back Drop Test, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s top-right edge cracked. Meanwhile, the iPhone’s back was bad as the glass shattered with obvious cracks even on the camera module.

Round 2 was the Corner Drop Test. The results were the same on both phones. They’re not as bad though as the damage was more visible on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The iPhone with its stainless steel build only got a few new scratches.

Round 3 is the Face Drop. The iPhone’s screen cracked beginning at the bottom top up to the top right. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra remained intact with only very light scratches.

The Bonus Round had both phones being dropped from a higher position at about 1.5 meters. The iPhone 11 Pro Max only reached ten rounds as per a previous video. As for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, there is still no significant crack or damage on the phone even after the 10th drop. This leads us to believe the Gorilla Glass Victus is really tough.

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