Watch TCL’s IFA event live: First TCL phone and foldable display expected to be announced

TCL has been making phones under the Blackberry and Alcatel lines for the past several years but now the company is ready to introduce its own-branded phone. As a leading display maker, TCL wants to bring its multimedia expertise to the smartphone world. We already heard that the new phone will feature a punch-hole display developed by sister company CSOT but we don’t have more details.

In addition, TCL is expected to tease its foldable concept phone at the event. The device is said to feature a new ButterflyHinge system which is an updated version of the DragonHinge system announced at MWC 2019. While we don’t have much information on what this new foldable display system will bring to the table, the first commercially available product is expected to come out next year.

We’re also likely to see some smart accessories and wireless earbuds. The event starts at 14:30 CET and you can check it out below.

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