Watch Galaxy Fold being folded and unfolded 100,000 times live!

The folks over at CNET have decided to do a live test of just how many folds the Galaxy Fold can take by folding and unfolding it 100,000 times live on YouTube. San Francisco-based extended warranty service provider SquareTrade recently built a machine called the FoldBot test Samsung’s claims on the device’s hinge durability, and CNET decided to borrow that machine and put their Fold to the same test, only they’re doing it live at this very moment.If you head on over at the time this article is being written, you will find the fold and unfold counter to have reached around 95,000. It remains to be seen how well this particular unit will be able to handle the abuse. SquareTrade’s test found “deteriorated hinge action” after 120,000 folds and saw the Fold developing a pixel blob after 18,500 folds. And yes, it certainly is abuse, as no human being will fold or unfold their Galaxy Fold so many times in quick succession, although the pixel blob issue is a worrying one that Samsung has said it is investigating.In any case, click the play button in the YouTube video embedded below to watch the live test. We’ll update this post once it concludes and CNET reports its findings.

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