Volvo XC40 to feature Android-powered infotainment system

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Car infotainment systems have greatly evolved in the past few years. You can say auto dashboards are very much different now from the previous decade. Not all vehicles have such “luxury” but there are those that arrive with some of the most impressive systems available in the market. We’re not just talking about cars with Android Auto devices but full infotainment systems that integrate Android services. One of the few automotive brands that are fully embracing tech and digitization is Volvo. As early as 2015, we’ve been featuring the company for its early efforts such as the Volvo On Call app followed by the digital key technology for their cars.

Volvo added Android Auto support to their next-gen cars a couple of years ago. That one also received Google Assistant, Play Store access, and a new UI a year later. We then shared the good news that Volvo would be embedding more Google services in future cars.

The upcoming Volvo XC40 is a fully electric vehicle and so the brand is also said to be redesigning the infotainment. It will certainly use Android for more customization and integration with Google services and technology.

This isn’t just plain Android Auto. The Volvo Car Group worked with Google to integrate an Android-powered infotainment system, complete with Google Play Store, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.

The Android Automotive OS version is said to be more powerful and feature-rich with more automotive apps. The car is also the first from Volvo that will and can receive OS and software updates in the future over the air.


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